Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Windham wins AMA Supercross race in Anaheim


1-9 - Tonight was the first time in history that a THQ AMA Supercross Series race sold out a month before the gate even dropped. Due to heavy rains, qualifying was condensed as well as the main event. Runner-up in last year’s THQ AMA Supercross Series Kevin Windham, of Baton Rouge, La., won the 250-class race as all 45,050 fans gave him a standing ovation.

Anaheim I results & points

Windham followed Team Suzuki’s Ricky Carmichael, the all-time winningest AMA motocross rider, through turn one. Carmichael, of Havana, Fla., cashed in on the $1,500 Butterfinger Holeshot Award and led the first four laps before crashing. Nearly every top rider crashed or stalled their bike in the main event, but it was Windham who persevered.

“It was chaos tonight, “ said Windham. “With about three laps to go, I went down, but I managed to get it back up and get the win. “It was tough for my mechanic; he had his hands full.”

Honda’s Mike LaRocco finished second and Carmichael finished third. Kawasaki’s James Stewart finished 5th; Chad Reed finished 16th; Jeremy McGrath was 20th.

“These little legs of mine are tired,” said Carmichael. “I kept trying and I knew I had it in me to get my Suzuki in front. These are some loyal fans out here. I am going to donate my $1,500 holeshot check to the victims of the tsunami.”

Reigning 125 West Region Champion Ivan Tedesco, of Murrieta, Calif., led the pack through turn one, earning the $1,000 Butterfinger Holeshot Award. Ramsey, a 125 regional supercross champion in 1999, passed Tedesco on lap three and led the remainder of the muddy main event.

“I made the change to the KTM and things are going unbelievably good,” said Ramsey. “We will be back here in a couple weeks, and I hope to make this thing really shine. Thanks for all the fans who were cheering us on.”

Night’s race will be broadcast on ESPN2 tomorrow from Noon-2 p.m. EST. Racing tales place next Saturday, January 15 at Phoenix’s Bank One Ballpark.
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